Studio Monitor And Your Choices

Have you ever encountered a case when listening to music on headphones, you felt great but when moving to larger speakers, you do not feel so catastrophic? That is the difference between the sound system, possibly with many different speakers emit the same sound we heard a few differences. And that is one of the essential reasons that the music producer had to purchase a studio monitor. Testing your sound and more, you could find quite a large range of use of the studio monitor, at least when you use it in your studio. But which one is the best for you? Which one is the most suitable for your choices? Among many kinds of studio monitor available on the market, the best studio monitors are those that match almost all of your features.

With industry standard for studio monitor like Yamaha NS10s for a long time ago, now we have all the things on our market which is flooded with feasible alternatives with different prices, the selection of a pair of studio monitor in accordance with demand also seems to be quite difficult. We can note a few of the following to choose from:

  1. Room size

It is not buying a big size and large-capacity is good when your working room is too small. Selecting the studio monitor size matching the size of the room to get the best performance. If the room is small (less than 20m2) we can choose a monitor speaker about 5″ or less. With 20m2, you can use the monitor speakers with speakers from 6″ or more.

  1. Sound

You should keep in mind that studio monitor not vocalize sounds better but emit accurate, honest as possible in your mix. It will describe the entire audio mixes you create in the most detailed way, good, bad and in particular it describes the exact balance across the entire frequency range of the speakers.

  1. Soundproofed problem

If you are serious in selecting one pair of studio monitor for long-term use, you must also serious about audio processing his office to have the highest efficiency.

Through many post feedbacks from forums and several different users, Soldier Studio was selected to be a few suggestions for what you’re looking to understand and prepare for their first purchase control sound speakers, this is the speaker manufacturers are appreciated for the quality and work efficiency was voted worldwide.

  1. KRK Rokit Series Generation 3

The kind that is commonly used to monitor is the woofer 5 Rokit 5 screen and tweeter 1 response frequency range of 45Hz – 35kHz.

krk rokit gen 3

  1. Equator Audio

Equator Audio is popular with the 5:25 woofer D5 screen and display tweeter 1 response frequency range of 50Hz – 20kHz

  1. Yamaha HS

The highlight thing is the display woofer Yamaha HS7 with 6.5 screens and tweeter 1 response frequency range of 43Hz – 30kHz

yamaha hs8 best studio monitor

  1. Adam

One of the most prominent things is considered as Adam A7x woofer with screen 7 display tweeter and 4 response frequency range of 42Hz – 50kHz

  1. Event

Event 20/20 BAS is featuring woofer with a screen 7.1 and tweeter 1 response frequency range of 35Hz – 20kH.

Above is the reference value of some studio monitors with the price under ?1000 in some European countries, the outside market rates may have differences due to import duties, shipping, etc. This article will help you know more about the studio monitor as well as for anyone wishing to get some useful advice to shop for a pair of the best studio monitor that suitable for any kind of aims.


Mountain Bike: Advices For Buying

Choosing to buy a mountain bike takes quite lot time and consumes a lot of bikers?effort. People have to take into account all the things they are not sure about, especially for beginners, they seem to consider all, from the bike뭩 features to their own demand.

I know that it is not easy to find out a satisfied item but you could consult in some models of the best mountain bikes under 500 in the sponsored sites that you can put your trust in. Today, there are some advices and tips provided to help you to choose.

  1. Prepare enough budget

I see that almost all people who are going to buy a mountain bike are those ready for ventures and they are also willing to give a big investment. However, some other ones only concentrate on cheap bikes so that they can reduce some cost.

In fact, if you have passion for biking, particularly mountain adventuring then the cost for a bike seems not to be a matter. Sometimes, you can pay for any bike you like even though the expenditure in your finance plan is limited.

One advice is that you had better respect and take advantage of the amount of money you save to select a really good bike. Do not come to the shopping center with the hope of buying a right ?priced bike. Instead, a sport center will provide you with more models and satisfactory services.

  1. Grab the most suitable bike

In terms of mountain bikes, you could find out various designs which are compatible for types of terrains. Some typical modes are road bikes, country bikes and mountain bikes. To know what is the most suited, you ought to think of the style you are interested in to make sure that that bike is produced for you only, not for any other one.

  1. Choose the bike with front and back rear shock

Some bikes have a full set of front and back rear shock while some others only have a half. Each type has different strengths and weaknesses as bellows.

  • Full rear shock for front and back

If you are willing to give a big investment to the mountain bike, you had better look for the one with both front and back rear shock.?You know, mountain biking is difficult and will have a great deal of hindrances as well as challenges, which request you to have full of protective equipment.

Purchasing the bike with two types of rear shock will be a good idea for you. The weight of this bike may be somewhat heavier but it will give you more comfort as you do not consume too much energy.

  • Front rear shock

By contrast, if you have a limited amount of expenditure then you can choose hard-tail mountain bike which only has front rear shock. This model has lighter weight and has also a lot of brilliant features. The only weakness is that you have to put more effort on biking.

In addition, we cannot make any comparison about the instruments or accessories for different models of mountain bikes on the grounds that there are too many types for dissimilar purposes. Instead, you had better look for important accessories such as brake levers, tires (with or without thorns) and so on as long as the expenditure for them is still in the allowed amount.

  1. Hunting mountain bikes season

The prices of mountain bike fluctuate continuously during a year. However, the period between the spring and the summer is considered to be the most favorable time for buying a mountain bike. At this time, there are a large number of people tracking mountain bikes of all types. In such season, if lucky, you will have the best mountain bikes at

However, if you expect to buy the bike at lower price, you can wait till the winter and fall. In these two seasons, there are more discount campaigns. You can receive a small discount or accessories free of charge.

  1. Give it a try

Even though you agree with all the features of the bike, it is necessary to try biking before you make your last decision. Only by biking, can you realize strong and weak points of the bike exactly.

Some things parents should consider when choosing a balance bike for their kids

The chassis and shock absorber

Of course, the chassis is one of the most important parts of bike. Everyone knows that the chassis need to be sure; the welds must firm and have high aesthetic. However, there is one thing that not everyone knows is the number of shock absorbers. Typically, children bike needs two shock absorbers. The in front shock absorbers helps children not feel tired when cycling and keep good balance wheel when they run through rough and twisty roads. The rear shock absorbers helps baby feel soothing and not feel backache while practicing and moving vehicles.
Many people do not care about the amount of shock absorbers because they think that this part is not too important. However, as mentioned above, the shock absorbers have very strong impact to the baby’s back. The important thing is that baby is improved when they are at the age of growing. If parents choose the unsuitable type of bike, their kids may be bored and tired back and would not want to ride anymore. Nevertheless, more importantly is that the baby’s health is affected. And you should view balance bike reviews by click here on order to know which type of balance bike has good chassis and shock absorber to choose the best one for your kids.

The safety of brake

Not only children bicycles, but also public transport in traffic needs a safety brake. Therefore, when you buy a bicycle for children, you should try to stop the bicycle suddenly. If the bike does not stop fast but jerky, it is a good brake. However, this test is not easy; often those who understand the machines can feel the sense of sensitivity and the safety of brakes.

The size of bike

Parents should take the babies when they go shopping for a bike in order that the baby can test the bike seat. The distance from the saddle to the handlebars have to ensure the comfort and have to ensure that children do not have to stretch or bend down. When riding, the feet must touch the ground.

Some suggestions when choosing a balance bike for children

With babies 2-4 years old, parents should buy a car with wheel diameters of 30 cm
With babies 4-6 years old, parents should buy a car with wheel diameters of 40 cm.
With babies 6-8 years old, parents should buy a car with wheel diameter of about 50 cm.
With a baby 8-10 years of age, parents should purchase a vehicle wheel diameter 60 cm.

Tips for parents to teach their children to ride a balance bike

Parents need to keep in mind the following three tips of the experts when letting their kids ride a bike.
On the advice of some experts on psychological and physiological study of children, the children from 0 years have absorbed the education of parents. In addition, children from two years of age have the best physical development. Therefore, starting from this age, parents need more physical education activities for children in a best course. Choosing a bike for little kids of this age is extremely reasonable with children. In particular, parents need to remember three advice of experts for their children뭩 cycling.

Drinking enough water

Cycling will make your children lose more water. That is the reason why for the bike for older kids, the designers have designated water baby basket on the bike.

Parents should provide more nutritional supplements

The types of nutritional supplements will help kids recover faster and have more energy quickly that they need to ride a bike. The selection of food also needs to be reasonable to avoid constipation and stomach pain. The necessary foods are milk, fruits, food supplement with vitamins and minerals?

Parents should let children eat more meals.

The sports activities will burn calories and build muscle, so children need supplement more fibers like vegetables, fish, meat that are rich in protein in the diet. Additionally, they should add more types of fruits with vitamins and minerals such as oranges, grapes, custard … enough to provide additional nutrients to children.
In addition, parents need to choose a bicycle that is safe and quality for children.
If parents decide to let the children practice riding a bike, it is time for the parents to envision the size of the bike. It should be noted that, for children, the necessary condition is a bike that make they feel comfortable and be really comfortable in the long time.
There are several methods that can make kids experience the bike as comfortable as possible. Modifying the size of the chassis under the body of children is essential if you want kids feel excited about the bike for a long term.

The best tour attractions in Ho Chi Minh City

The Ho Chi Minh City or most commonly known as Saigon is one of the most famous cities because of its amazing tourist attractions. The main attractions of the city are the happening of 20th-century war and conquest. Aside from that, there are also historical activities that are perfect for kids, teens and adults. Walking around the Ho Chi Minh City is like living in a past life because of the good maintenance of the classic French architecture to the American War Planes and historical places. These interesting and famous places have been scattered throughout the city.

As the year passed by, the Ho Chi Minh City makes a big change, and it becomes a modern city since it is the largest city in Vietnam now. Aside from that, it is the business capital city of the country, so some foreign investors build business in the city. The state didn’t change a lot because skyscrapers are starting to interrupt the sky mixing the new times and the old days of the town in a uniquely Vietnamese way.

And you know what is amazing about this city? Even from the inevitable change of the modern world, Ho Chi Minh is somewhat an excellent mixture of old and new age. The newly developed structure does not cover the trace of history. It comes with a well-preserved colonial structure and war relics from the very traumatic Vietnam War. In new ages, it comes with sleek skyscrapers, high-class sports club, elegant and classy malls against a metropolis backdrop. They are good at immersing the local culture which makes the district’s distinct from the other.

The city contains plenty of Ornate Pagodas and Buddhist Temples, which happens to be one of the main tourist attractions. These places are good and worth visiting. Taking pictures together with your family or friends in these certain areas is one of the best souvenirs in Ho Chi Minh tours. Lots of photographers already visited the place and captured the amazing tourist attractions and posted it on their personal website.

As the year passed by, the Ho Cho Minh City became popular because of the tourist attractions and each year, the population of the tourists who wants to visit the city is increasing. In this case, the city offers a wide array of accommodation options for different price range. It also comes with various styles with unique but excellent modes of transportation like a motorcycle, taxis, and cycles. These vehicles help tourists to roam around the city and enjoy the tourist attraction.

If you avail the complete package that is offered, you don’t need to spend too much money for transportation, but the fare isn’t expensive compared to others. These vehicles allow everyone to travel to the center of the city or in the outside area of the city. Availing this transportation is one of the easiest ways to explore the city quickly. From the exact area of Mariamman Hindu Temple to the informational War Remnant Museum, there are lots of tourist attractions that would surely impress you.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and visit Ho-Chi-Minh City and indulge your senses to rich history and culture.

Loud Music Is a Kind of Pollution

It would be a terrible disaster when facing with deep rumbling, shaking floors or rattling windows. The cause is not actually a kind of natural disaster, but is come from humans. It names “LOUND MUSIC”. The artificial earthquake might come from outside of your room and house or even made by the musical instrument that your children practicing. It is not comfortable at all. So, even though you have a music player or your children are making a lot of efforts to be a great musician, there is an important point you need to keep in mind that looking at some record player reviews to make a proper purchase and using suitable volume. It is the thing all people should consider if they do not want to be complained.

According to the results of some researches, by hearing noisy sounds, our ears tend to undergo some of diseases. It is the impairment result for those who expose to high level of sounds. There are several negative impacts on a person’s ability to hear normal speech of sounds relating to noise. It is said that one tenth Americans is faced with hearing loss. The alarming news is the sad one but the number of risks has been rising day by day. Moreover, this disease is involving various generations including the older citizens, children and youngsters.


Earphones – A Mainstream of Young Generations

By taking the mainstream of using headphone of adolescents, they tend to enjoy their songs with a high level of sounds because of its strong feeling. They have even listening to music for so long in a noisy venue. It means the sounds have to be performed louder. However this might be the road leading to reduce or even lack of hearing ability. It is irritable the convenience of headphones but using it with an appropriate period of time and proper level of volume is not much taken care of by users.

Protect Your Children Far Away the Disease’s Risk

Generally, children are really keen on the new things; especially, some interesting sound produced by their musical instruments. They always try to make the sounds as strong as possible. I would like to suggest you 2 simple solutions for this:

  • Firstly, there is a material named Peacemaker Sound Insulation. It is installed between two walls in your home, under floors or even on the ceilings. The stuffs are not only to reach the purpose of protecting against wet but also to reduce noise. It is called the eco-friendly material which is a suitable option helping soundproofing your room and even your home. This might the great solution to protect your children far away too loud sounds. It is commonly used to decline the direct and indirect transmission between floors, ceilings or walls. Moreover, this is the best solution because of its permanent and flexible option to escaping your children from noises.
  • Secondly, I would like to recommend you another one is Audi mute Sound Absorption sheets. This is the genius solution you should consider when happing a person you live with and he is the source of the uncomfortable sounds. This stuff can increase the high level of noise up to sixty percent by absorbing echoes, reflecting sounds and reducing the reverberation. By using this, we can easily hung it on the Mega clips which help us take the most appropriate effects yet the mobile sound absorption brings to. This is a kind of material that not only tested by a repute acoustic laboratory but also recorded with surprising NRC rating of 70.

Whatever your solution you choose is, there is a definite thing that these are the best way to ensure your family members stay far away hearing loss. According to many statistics, one tenth Americans are facing with the high risks of hearing loss that becomes common diseases due to loud music.

Choose the Best Record Player and Use It Properly

record player

Having a music player is a common thing today. However, how to use the device appropriately and efficiently is the important point we need to consider to protect yourself and your children from diseases. No one can refuse the power of music in life but everything has two sides. By taking the positive hand, we can help our life better and raise your criterion in the higher level. Wish you always had a healthy life.

What You Need to Bring for a Backpacking Trip

When you start packing for your trip, there is a tendency for you to include irrelevant stuff that you might not even think of using during your trip. This will add extra weight that you would have to carry and they will get in the way if you want to take something from your bag that you really need at the moment. A lot of people do pack too much or in some cases, too little. To avoid doing either of them, take a look at the most important stuff that will be mentioned in this list so you know which ones to not forget. You can read one BEST TRAVEL BACKPACK reviews to get an idea of what to really look for aside from referring to this post.

Malaria protection

One way of protecting yourself from malaria is by orally taking drugs that are anti-malaria, but you would need to get a prescription before purchasing them. It would be good to use repellent and a mozzie net to increase protection.

A good backpack

Of course this is needed, but it is one of the most difficult things to master because it will serve you in a lot of ways. It will be your wardrobe, bathroom cabinet, bedside drawer, and others. This is why your backpack has to be something that you have gotten used to. Avoid making a mistake of buying one that is too big and then packing it until it is full.

Earplugs are good

You might think that these are not necessary, but earplugs are good for you for trying to get some sleep. Especially if you have difficulty sleeping in a place other than home. You will encounter all kinds of noises during your travel, be it from people or everything else around you, so earplugs are going to come in handy.

Scopes Can Help With Your Hunting

Scopes can Help your with your hunting

They help with your hunting because they let you see your target better and from a magnified view. You can easily see your target with your own eyes, but if you use a scope, you will feel like you are actually standing in front of your target and ready to take it down. Anyone who has been using scopes for hunting can support this thought because it is true.


There are types of sights for your scope. The open sight, aperture sight, red dot sight, and laser sight. The open sight will require a shooter to get 2 sights lined up on a rifle aim. The sight on the rear looks like a U or a V and the front sight is just a vertical projection. The aperture sight is similar to the open sight, but has a ring for the rear sight. You can align the front and the rear for a better target. There should be an illuminating reticle found on top of the target image and the red dot sight does not project the end out sight out. Laser sights project a beam to the target.


If your scope is 5-12 x 42, this means that the scope has a range of 5 to 12 x for magnification. This indicates that the image that you will see using the ocular lens will be times 5 larger than how you will see it using your eyes only. This also means that your scope is a variable scope because you can change the magnification settings. Fixed scopes don’t have adjustable magnification settings. The 42 tells you the size of the objective lens in millimeters. This will tell you much light it will be able to transmit. If you have larger ocular lenses, the more light it will be able to transmit. You will only need a large objective lens if your magnification is at 14x or 36x.

Kayak Paddles

Don’t miss the boat. Paddle your way to a great escape that lets you sightsee while you sweat.

Most kayak paddles weigh no more than one and a half to three pounds. I remind myself of this when, 200 yards into my first kayaking lesson on San Francisco Bay, I feel as if someone has set fire to my left deltoid. I glance at my instructor, Duncan Smith, host of the Outdoor Life Network’s REI’s Great Adventures, who wields his paddle as effortlessly as a butter knife.

“Is it normal to be a little fatigued already?”

I shout to him, praying that my question will get him to stop paddling. It does. As he patiently reviews the instructions he gave me on land only moments before, I rest the paddle across my lap and gently massage my aching shoulder.

“You’re relying too heavily on your arm muscles,” he explains.

No kidding, I think.

“Keep your elbows almost straight and let your torso do the work,” Smith continues.

In kayaking, technique is more important than brute strength and a low center of gravity is an advantage: It gives your boat greater stability. As a result, women often excel at the sport, which is drawing converts by the thousands. By the late 1990s, nearly 50 percent of the sport’s 3 million or so participants were women–up from only about 20 percent in the middle of the decade.

A Blue Cotton Flight Suit

A few weeks later, my sister Marda, who lives in Los Angeles, drives me down to El Centro, a desert agricultural community hard on the Mexican border. Eight years younger than I, she wasn’t born when our father disappeared, yet despite–or because of–this, she identifies with him intensely. A few years ago she had a tiny replica of his reconnaissance jet tattooed on her lower abdomen. She tells me it’s been her lifelong dream to fly in a fighter jet, and she’s beside herself with envy. My anxiety only annoys her. “Have fun,” she says, “or I’ll kick your ass.”

Only about 10 percent of VIP fliers are women, which may explain why, when Marda and I arrive at the airfield, I’m handed a blue cotton flight suit that’s four sizes too big and makes me look like a mechanic. The pilots’ suits are far more stylish: electric blue with double yellow stripes down one side and an elaborate crest on the chest. They’re very tight and vaguely retro, like something Elvis might have worn in Speedway.

Next we repair to the ready room for a briefing with crew chief Ed Primeau. He goes over the plane’s controls and the egress procedures and the air-sickness bags, or “party bags,” which are tucked into slots on each side of the seat. (There are eight; the VIP single-flight record is six.) He explains that a G force of one is what we’re all used toy-the earth’s gravitational pull on the body. But the Gs increase as the plane accelerates, banks and rolls, and with each additional G, your body weight seems to double.

Getting Warmer

Since I didn’t get to work out (i.e., rehearse) with Cindy that much (maybe five times in all), I was a little worried about moving in sync with her. But it turned out to be fine; Cindy is a very athletic woman. She can do push-ups as gracefully as she sashays down the runway.

After a couple of hours, we took a lunch break. A catering truck served chicken with rice and grilled shrimp. There was also a salad buffet with the most delicious olives. Savoring them, I recalled how much I craved olives when I was pregnant. Cindy thought that was so healthy of me, since she had hankered for Mrs. Field’s chocolate chip cookies. Cindy went for the chicken-with-rice dish, and I had shrimp and way too many olives.

That night we worked until about 10 P.M. Between takes, Cindy went in the back room to pump milk for Presley. When we finally wrapped for the day, she confessed that she felt a little lightheaded. No wonder: We had cranked out about 200 push-ups and sweated through two whole workouts. The next two days went smoothly. During the production, I was amazed at how Cindy pushed herself, tired as she was, through the hours of filming.

The video, called Cindy Crawford: A New Dimension, is scheduled to come out this month, which is good timing for me. I’m pregnant with my third child. I figure I can eat as many olives as I want now: I have a great plan for getting my body back into shape.

Getting Warmer

To sizzle this beach season, fire up your muscles now,

Here it is, April, and if you followed my fat-burning workout in last month’s column, you’ll notice that your body is already getting beach-worthy. (if you missed the March issue, it isn’t too late to start. Log on to for the Summer Planner details, then hop to it.) This month, the goals are to crank up your cardio training and strengthen your muscles. When you have more lean muscle tissue, you burn more calories, plus you can run, swim or bike faster and longer. Added bonus: more bathing-suit options. Here’s how to get to the next level.